DDAO-15 Debts to be Paid (Level 1-4)

Friday 07:00 PM (4 Hours)

Game Master(s) Claire Hoffman
Game SystemD&D 5th Edition Adventurers League
Player Skill
Character Level1-4
Player Count (min/max) 3 / 7
9 players signed up. Put your name on the wait list.
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The glow of happiness caused by Mulhrond's return to Toril, along with the return of their pantheon's incarnations, has begun to fade. Old rivalries among the priesthood are renewed and the neglect of certain religious sites during the past century is both an embarrassment and a bone of contention. The Zhentarim see this as a prime opportunity for profit and are calling in favors from the other Factions to make the most of this unique situation.
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