We Be Goblins 1

Saturday 08:00 AM (2 Hours)

Game Master(s) Omaha Pathfinder Society
Game SystemPathfinder Adventure Card Game
Player Skill
Character Level1
Player Count (min/max) 1 / 6
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You and the other goblins toil all afternoon to build a bonfire out of branches, twigs, and unburnt timbers taken from the ruins of Scribbleface's hut. As night falls, a group of four goblins struggles to carry out the 6-foot high Teeter Chair, with Chief Gutwad sitting atop, allowing Chief Gutwad to properly look down on his subjects. The chief lights the fire with a Desnan candle, signalling the start of an all-night celebration that features lots of good things to eat (snails, fish, and snakes) and gives you a chance to enjoy being a goblin. As the evening continues with feasting and dares, the chief brings out a barrel of fermenting cider apples and most goblins get drunk very quickly. As the evening progresses, word that you are going on a special quest spreads, and the other goblins begin daring you to show off your heroics. What harm could happen?
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