We Be Goblins 2

Saturday 10:30 AM (2 Hours)

Game Master(s) Omaha Pathfinder Society
Game SystemPathfinder Adventure Card Game
Player Skill
Character Level1
Player Count (min/max) 1 / 6
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You are brought before the chief again at dawn, whereupon he instructs you to "Get fireworks and bring them here to me." Failing will get you fed to Squealy Nord, so you better succeed! The journey to the fireworks stash is relatively short -- a slog not quite a mile long through the swamp along the creek's southern bank. The journey takes only an hour. The marsh itself is relatively difficult to navigate, with numerous stretches of deep water that must be skirted and thick tangles of stinging nettles, but you really should worry about the giant spider known as Lotslegs Eat Many Goblin Babies, or often simply Lotslegs. Lotslegs has dwelt in central Brinestump for years, but only recently has she grown large enough to become a legitimate threat to the Licktoad goblins. The spider often lurks along creeks and other well-traveled routes, and her growing taste for goblins has evolved beyond eating goblin young. At about the halfway point on your journey, you stumble directly into Lotslegs's territory. The spider herself is a web-spinning spider that lurks in the treetops, climbing down to attack unwary goblins who pass under her ambush. Did you just hear something in the trees above?
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