We Be Goblins 3

Saturday 01:00 PM (2 Hours)

Game Master(s) Omaha Pathfinder Society
Game SystemPathfinder Adventure Card Game
Player Skill
Character Level1
Player Count (min/max) 1 / 6
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The point indicated on Scribbleface's map isn't quite on the coast, but it's close enough to hear the faint susurrus of waves crashing on an unseen swampy shoreline. The site itself is obvious once you approach it: a large wrecked ship lodged in a shallow pool of swamp water. Driven aground decades ago during a particularly violent storm that flung the ship several hundred feet into the flooded swamp, the ship itself is a two-masted Chelish sailing vessel with strange, faded writing on its bow. The ship itself is quite old -- it crashed here several decades ago. The derelict leans toward its stern, held in place by the mud and sludge it now sits in and supported by thick growths of marsh gorse and other foliage. Unfortunately, the wreck is now the lair of the goblin cannibal Vorka. As your party approaches the derelict, you can see its railings are decorated with goblin skulls and bits of bone, leftovers from Vorka;s meals over the past several years. The horror surrounding Vorka goes beyond her dietary preference, for she also keeps a dog and even a horse as pets and guardians -- creatures traditionally feared and hated by goblins. As you get closer, your fears are justified by the sinister sounds of barking and neighing coming from large, frightening animals in the direction of the wreck.
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